Brandy has colored my hair every 3-4 weeks for almost 2 years.  She is meticulous, creative and talented.  She spends a significant amount of time with her clients to insure that they are pleased with the color, cut, etc.  She is also a lovely and warm person who obviously very much enjoys her practice and clients.  I highly recommend Brandy.

Signed NN, Manhattan


Brandy Butchek is more than a hairstylist; she is an artist.

As somewhat of a hair "perfectionist" with exacting standards, finding Brandy has been a dream come true for me. When I come to her with my current inspiration, she brings it to fruition in a way that is even better than I had imagined. 

Brandy always takes the time to listen and understand the look I am going for, and works with me to make sure it comes out just right. Taking a little hair risk is fun with Brandi, because she is an expert who puts as much time and effort into your new look as necessary, and makes sure you walk out looking fabulous. 

I highly recommend Brandy to all of my friends and colleagues. She is a hair superstar on the ascent!

Alexandra Slous


I happened upon Brandy 4 years ago at a salon in Brooklyn. One session with her and I was hooked. I called a month later to make an appointment and they said she had left that location. I freaked out and made them tell me where she moved and I followed her around NY for the last few years. I feel completely comfortable and at ease with her. She does it right and beautifully every time. Even when we try something different I feel confident that she is going to rock it every time! I would commute to LA for her if she moved but it doesn't hurt that she is in the hottest location in NY.

Eric Jacobsen


Brandy has been a huge help with picking and executing styles for my hair.  I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to styling and Brandy always has time to discuss the best choices in cuts and care to keep my hair cute without a lot of work.  I leave with the knowledge of the best ways to get my hair to look good on a day to day basis and always get lots of compliments after a Brandy cut.   I have gone from long to short and have added layers and fringe all during my time with Brandy, each style has been great and I really her instincts on the best cuts for my face and look.

Vanessa Connelly


I've been getting my hair cut and glossed by Brandy for just over a year now and I'm hooked. I came to her at a transition time for my hair. I was letting go of highlighting all together and trying to get back to a more natural look. She fixed my color to the point that I did not know was possible and worked my curls really well also. I, like most people living in NYC, often feel like I am constantly on the go and rarely taking time for myself to just slow down and relax. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I am in before I hit Brandy's chair, by the time I am sitting down she has me calmed and excited about what she has in mind for me. We have tried a few different things in terms of gloss and recently Brandy came up with the perfect look for me taking into consideration my skin tone, eye color, and the season. She is honest about what works and what doesn't and I am someone who really appreciates that. Bottom line, Brandy knows hair and I trust her with mine completely. 

Lauren Renne

I feel so lucky that I stumbled onto Brandy when I was looking for a hair dresser for my wedding in 2009!  She was awesome for that and I have continued to go back to her consistently ever since.  I have never been so happy with my highlights and cuts!  Brandy does an incredibly thorough job and the results are very natural and flattering.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Amanda Croushore

Brandy has been cutting my hair for almost 4 years.  I'm a non-profit arts executive and need a look that presents sophisticated in a myriad of settings from corporate board meetings, to black tie events to cocktails with celebrities.  Brandy delivers the perfect combination style that helps me project confidence in everything I do.  She asks questions about my life style so that the tips and the cut are realistic for me to maintain so that after my cut I can style it to look as fantastic as it did when I walked out of the salon.  I'm such a fan and refer her so often that everyone in my office and the majority of my friends (male and female) are clients!  Plus - her shampoos are to die for and Serenity Salon on West Broadway is a great environment, the free wine they provide on arrival seals the deal to make the whole experience relaxing, rejuvenating and fun.

Anne M. Swanson
I have been getting my hair cut and colored by Brandy for a couple of years and am so happy to have found her. I am someone that does not spend a lot of time styling my hair, but I still want a great cut and interesting color. Brandy has always been ready to brainstorm when I want something a little different, but can't quite articulate what it is, talking me through options and making sure we are on the same page. I always receive compliments after a visit to Brandy and feel great when I leave her chair. She is friendly, cool, down to earth and calm. I never feel rushed and she takes the time to make small adjustments as the appointment progresses to get the look we discussed. I can't imagine anyone else cutting or coloring my hair.
Natalie Wortham
I wish Brandy would stop being so damn good at her job. Ever since she started coloring my hair a (brilliant, undeniable red, that only I have), men have been trying to pick me up everywhere I go. In bars. Elevators. Subways. And the line is always the same "Oh! Such beautiful red hair!" Really, it's getting quite old. I've been a redhead for some time now, but this phenomenon has only occurred since she's been managing the color and length. For the love of God, stay away from her, or you'll wind up feeling like a $1,000,000 bucks every day of your existence.
Alla Bronskaya